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There is a beautiful A4, 48 page full colour publication to support the 'Collective Stitches exhibition available HERE 

Evidence by Cass Rawlings
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Collective Stitches is an touring exhibition that brings together Dionne Swift’s embroidery students from across the world.

Last year, I realised that whilst work with lots of amazing people from all over the world, I rarely get to meet with them face to face.  I’d been working with Eva Albrektsson for many years, through a variety of online workshops.  When I finally met Eva it was like meeting a long lost relative, it felt so wonderful to connect in person…and so a plan was formed!

“It’s hard to express yourself when English isn’t your first language but I just want to say that I’m so impressed about your efforts Dionne making this come true. You are a great teacher and I hope to be one of your students again soon. So thank you!” Eva Albrektsson [Sweden]

2018 Tour dates:

13th & 14th January Sala Polifunzionale, Tornareccio, Abruzzo, Italy
1st – 4th March Spring Knitting and Stitching show, Olympia, London
2nd May – Hawar, Oldeberkoop, Netherlands
11th – 14th October Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London
8th – 11th November Knitting and Stitching Show, Dublin, Ireland
22nd – 25th November Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate, Yorkshire

2019 Tour dates:

11th – 19th April Fibre Arts Summer School, Ballarat Grammar, Ballarat, Victoria, NSW, Australia
2nd – 9th July Fibre Arts Winter School, Ballarat Grammar, Ballarat, Victoria, NSW, Australia

I contacted all the students who had completed intensive embroidery workshops with me, over recent years and set them the challenge to create heavy machine embroidered pieces: some managed one, some two, others three…such intense embroidery is physically much tougher than you think and for many these are the largest pieces of this nature that they have produced thus far.


“Your enthusiasm for FME is infectious, Dionne! Being part of Collective Stitches has been such a great inspiration, allowing me to push my practice much further than I would have ever dared before. Thank you.” Allison James [UK]

If you would like to join one of my embroidery workshops [online or face to face] you can select and book HERE


“Dionne is one of the most inspiring people with whom I have had the pleasure to work –
she teaches by example, with clear demonstrations, lots of smiles and delicious home made cake –
I just can’t resist joining her workshops whenever I get the chance.
Collective Stitches was an inspired “off the wall” idea to get us all together even if only “on the wall”, let’s hope many of us meet face to face at the exhibitions.”
 Brenda Howell  [Wales]

My only stipulations for this exhibition were that the piece/s needed to be 30cm square, unframed and covered in stitches.  They were to but into practice the various different skills I’d taught them and a collection of stitched works started to arrive with the postman


“During the Dionne’s online courses, students from all over the world share their work and build virtual friendships….this exhibition builds on the camaraderie of learning and stitching together and allows others to enjoy the works produced by students across the globe.….” Maggie Rastall [UK]

There is a beautiful A4, 48 page full colour publication to support the exhibition available HERE 

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