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Guest Tutor: Rachel Brown Jewellery

Straight off the back of International Women's Day and Mothers Day in the UK, it's great to be working with supremely talented female friends. 👌

Rachel and I first started teaching together at Barnsley college over 30 years ago: we were a dynamic team; planning, scheduling and delivering a Multi Disciplinary Design Craft HND.

I'm very pleased to be able to host Rachel's latest workshop at my studio in Holmfirth.

Enamelling Workshop 15th April 1-4pm

Rachel Brown is an award winning jewellery designer and maker based in South Yorkshire. From her home studio she produces contemporary and unique jewellery pieces. She is particularly known for her jewellery that explores the lesser known technique of ‘drawing’ on enamel but her work also explores other materials such as resin and enamel paints. The silver collection was added in 2023 and echoes the patterns and shapes seen in her enamel work.


Rachel studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Loughborough College of Art and Design, graduating in 1993. After many years of teaching in Higher Education she decided to pursue her love of jewellery making full time and set up Rachel Brown Jewellery in 2018.


Rachel is a self-confessed doodler and mark maker and at the core of all her jewellery is drawing. She loves the textural qualities of graphite, both in pencil and powder form. Her jewellery designing always starts as exploratory drawings focussing on spontaneous and random marks and patterns. These sketch ideas are then followed through onto the surface of the enamel, graphite powder mixed into resin or textures and patterns embossed onto silver to produce unique pieces of jewellery. Rachel loves that the enamel pieces particularly capture the hand drawn nature of her work, often her own fingerprints can be seen giving the wearer a direct connection to the process. Although her signature palette is monochromatic there are hints of gold and pops of red throughout the collections.


Rachel is a member of the British Society of Enamellers and Contemporary Applied Arts.

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