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NB.  I am away from my studio & heading to Australia to teach, so my next postal date will be April 14th .  Sorry for  any inconvenience, Dionne.

Collective Stitches : A4, 48 page full colour publication featuring 36 students from my intensive free machine embroidery workshops…filled with sumptuous images of stunning stitched artworks!


An A4 48 page full colour publication highlighting the work of 36 amazing Artists from across the world: everyone involved has taken part in one of my many workshops, exploring intensive free machine embroidery.   This catalogue supports the Collective Stitches exhibition which tours 7 World wide venues throughout 2018.


Discover more about this unique touring exhibition HERE

Last year, I realised that whilst work with lots of amazing people from all over the world, I rarely get to meet with them face to face. I’d been working with Eva Albrektsson for many years, through a variety of online workshops. When I finally met Eva it was like meeting a long lost relative, it felt so wonderful to connect in person…and so a plan was



I contacted all the students who had completed intensive embroidery workshops with me, over recent years and set them the challenge to create heavy machine embroidered pieces: some managed one, some two, others three…such intense embroidery is physically much tougher than you think and for many these are the largest pieces of this nature that they have produced thus far.


My only stipulations for this exhibition were that the piece/s needed to be 30cm square, unframed and covered in stitches. They were to but into practice the various different skills I’d taught them and a collection of stitched works started to arrive with the postman


“During the Dionne’s online courses, students from all over the world share their work and build virtual friendships….this exhibition builds on the camaraderie of learning and stitching together and allows others to enjoy the works produced by students across the globe.….”

Collective Stitches Catalogue


Featuring: Agatha Lee [Singapore], Alice Hutchinson [UK], Allison James [UK], Ann Toplis [Netherlands], Anna Osborne [UK], Annegret Mingels-Boos [Germany], Brenda Howell [UK], Bryony Downing [UK], Carol Collingwood [UK], Carolyn Patel [UK], Cass Rawlings [UK], Chris Hussey [Tasmania], Denise Lithgow [Australia], Ellen Francke [Netherlands], Elly van Elp Bosscha [Netherlands], Eva Albrektsson [Sweden], Fiona Smith [Ireland], Gillian Collins [UK], Jackie Cooper [Australia], Jacqueline Venus [Canada], Janet Vance [UK], Jennifer Mary Lehm [Denmark], Jo Westenberg [New Zealand], Joan Hornett [UK], Joanna Mcdonald [UK], Linda Stokes [Australia], Maggie Dunne [UK], Maggie Harris [UK], Maggie Rastall [UK], Maggie Ready [UK], Margo-Lynne Lee [Australia], Maria Boyle [UK], Mariet Rankenberg [Netherlands], Rosemary Derwent [France], Sue Hutchings [UK], Tanja Kuiperi [Netherlands] and Dionne Swift [UK & Italy]

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