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Woven Together is a community quilt project for Woven in Kirklees 2021


Anyone who lives or works in Kirklees can get involved : the concept behind the project is simple.


You and 3 friends/family/colleagues will work together to create a quilt block - you'll each make your own square block, which when joined to the others will create a larger and complete image.  So, individually you might each create a series of diagonal lines yet once tessellated and joined up with your partners pieces a diamond or square is created : working with other people we are able to create beautiful images!

The finished quilt[s] will be on public display at various locations throughout June & the WOVEN in Kirkless textile festival.


This project has always been about collaboration.  Historically, quilts have always been masterpieces of community collaboration: often created by a whole village as a wedding gift for a young couple or as a celebration to welcome home lonely travellers.  The images portrayed within the tactile tiles are symbolic too; the traditional 'log cabin' construction which a yellow centre signifies that theres a light on in the window to guide you home or a red centre suggests that a warm welcome awaits and there's a fire on in the hearth.


I'm very sorry  - it's too late to join on this occasion: I need time to make up the quilt before the Woven festival in June.  We hope to display the community quilt in a number of locations across Kirklees: keep an eye on the Woven newsletter for details. 

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