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Woven Together Instructions


Thank you for being involved in this project - I'd like to bring together as many people as possible through using stitch - I'm hoping you will each support one another and those with more sewing experience will aid those who need a little more direction.  

I've split up the instructions into 3 stages [and then some extra thoughts in stage 4!] Stage 1 is the easiest option...but take a look at them all and see what you feel comfortable with.  If you haven't signed up to take part yet then take a look at THIS

You will need to be in a little group of 4...each of you will make 1 quarter of a larger block. [there should be enough fabric in the pack for each of you to make 2 or 3 x 25cm square blocks]. 

  • Get together with your quilting buddies to discuss which type of block you'll tackle first and which colours you'll work with.

  • Split up your fabric pack, so each of you has the same colours/quantities

  • Print the relevant PDF - ensure the print scale is 100%  There's 2 pages in each PDF: the pattern blocks are 25cm square ie. larger than a sheet of A4 paper thats in your printer! So, print and cut along the dotted line then join the two parts together with tape ensuring the pattern lines meet up.

  • Check the overall size of your square is 25cm

  • Cut the pattern pieces by following the solid black lines.

  • Transfer these shapes to your fabric - line them up near the edge of the cloth so you can be as economical as possible with the fabric.


  • Hand sew or machine stitch as per my video instructions BUT know that you can free wheel this is you wish so long as the resulting blocks are the same size!

  • Press your blocks

  • The quarter size blocks [25cm square] will then need to be trimmed and sewn together - you might want to nominate one person to do this

  • Once joined together you'll be able to see the completed image - the full circle - the benefit of working together to create something bigger & grander than you might muster on your own :-)

  • The larger blocks will be approx 50cm square  - there is no need to trim these down any further...I can do that if I need to as I sew together the larger quilt.

  • Please send me the finished 50cm squares to: Dionne Swift Little Pasture, 32 Dobb Lane, Holmfirth HD9 2PE or get in touch at and we can arrange drop off/collection.

  • I shall need the pieces before 22nd May & I shall sew like fury the following week to create the larger quilts

There will be a grand zoom support meet up on Tuesday May 4th 10-11am when you can ask any questions and show your progress [don't worry if you can't make it]

Dionne Swift is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Woven Together Zoom Support
Time: May 4, 2021 10:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 827 4452 0381
Passcode: quilt

See you then! Have Fun, Dionne!

No Stage 4 PDF!

It's for you to amend stages 1, 2 & 3!

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