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Dionne Swift Artist & Maker

Breaking Boundaries with Integrity

"Dionne Swift’s engaging and innovative work commands huge respect from her peers, professionals, and the public. Her great skill and extensive knowledge of materials, techniques, and processes lead to exciting synergies. She not only breaks boundaries but admits to ignoring them, the results showing an uncompromising integrity."  Melissa Warren, Textile Artist

"Dionne has a grasp of the abstract and the perception to transpose it to the particular in machine-embroidered poetic landscapes."  Diana Springall

Creativity through Drawing, Textiles, and Silver

In the intricate dance between scale, emotion, and energy, Dionne Swift unveils a narrative that spans landscapes, textiles, and silver jewellery—a vibrant and dynamic exploration rooted in the art and craft of drawing.

Drawing the Line: A Deep Connection and Extension

At the core of Dionne's creative journey is the profound art of drawing—a practice that goes beyond the visual, delving into the essence of understanding the world that surrounds us. Observational drawing, a meticulous and focused study, becomes a gateway to comprehend the environment. Drawing, for Dionne, is not just a craft; it's an art form that breathes life into design, a concentrated and deliberate process that transcends the perceived flippancy of sketching.

As an extension of her drawing practice, Dionne's silver jewellery emerges as wearable art—each piece akin to a wearable silver drawing. The deliberate lines and intricate details echo the handwriting of her drawings, transforming into captivating adornments that carry the soul of observational study and intentional design.

A Multifaceted Artistic Journey

Drawing serves as the driving force that connects Dionne's diverse body of work—free machine-embroidered artworks, hand-painted scarves, and now, captivating silver jewellery. This strong connection with drawing is the guiding principle that unifies her creative endeavours, allowing each piece to resonate with a shared voice.

Awards and Recognition

Dionne Swift, a Goldsmith’s College graduate with a Masters in Textiles from UCE, Birmingham, boasts over 30 years of creative practice. Her work has generated international acclaim, earning her the title of a Fine Art Textiles Award finalist and a gold winner of Craft & Design Magazine's SELECTED awards. Dionne collaborates with JANOME UK and Just Hands On TV, serves as an invited tutor at Hawar and FibreArts, and her work is held in prestigious collections, including The Embroiderers Guild, Janome UK, Diana Springall, and various private scenarios.

Embark on your own creative adventure

Join Dionne Swift in unraveling the threads of her creative journey through textile workshops and beyond. Dive into the boundless possibilities within drawing, textiles, and jewellery—where each creation is a testament to the artist's unwavering commitment to innovation, authenticity, and the transformative power of deliberate drawing.

Connect with Dionne

For inquiries, collaborations, or to explore Dionne's world of creativity, feel free to get in touch. Let the journey into the intricacies of drawing, textiles, and jewellery commence—a celebration of artistry, inspiration, and dedication.

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