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Dionne uses the scale, emotion and energy of Landscapes to inspire energetic drawings and textiles. The power of the elements: wind, rain, sea are translated into layers of intuitive marks: on paper and on cloth.  Thread colours and textures entwine to produce a vibrant and dynamic surface with tones visually mixing and revealing themselves hence captivating and entrancing the viewer.  Dionne sews as she draws, draws as she sews - using her sewing machine as a mark making tool.  Embroidery need not be a slow, static meditation but a lively, vibrant and effervescent one.

Shortlisted Finalist in the Fine Art Textiles Award at The Festival of Quilts 2020: Dionne Swift is a graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London University, she has a Masters in Textiles from UCE, Birmingham and has over 30 years of creative practice experience.  Now based between Yorkshire [UK] and Abruzzo [Italy] she exhibits and tutors internationally.

‘Dionne Swift’s engaging and innovative work commands huge respect from her peers as well as from other professionals and the public.Her great skill and extensive knowledge of her materials, techniques and processes are leading to exciting synergies.  She not only breaks boundaries but admits to ignoring them, the results showing an uncompromising integrity.’  [Melissa Warren: Textile Artist]

“Dionne has a grasp of the abstract and the perception to transpose to the particular in  machine embroidered poetic landscapes” Diana Springall

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