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I’ve taken a number of Dionne’s courses and they are always excellent. Professional first class teaching combined with the inspiration you get from her own practice.

Annette Bruton

More Student reviews....this is just a tiny sample, I am very flattered.


"Dionne's style of teaching reflects her deep understanding of the importance of the individual. During our time in Italy we were encouraged to immerse ourselves in the landscape and culture of Italy and try to reflect that in our work. We experienced the beaches, the mountains and the land between, trying to get a sense of this magical place.At La Vecchia Scuola we drew, stitched, talked and tried to interpret what we were seeing and feeling, all under her quiet, watchful supervision. We wandered the winding streets of Atessa, where our lovely hotel was situated (you will not find a more accommodating host than Antonio) and marveled at the buildings and winding alleyways. The little group of strangers who met in Stanstead Airport left Pescara as firm friends with a common experience that was anything but common! Thanks Dionne, it was all I was hoping for and more."


"I loved Dionne’s ‘Developing Sketchbooks ‘. It’s great fun. I can’t believe how much I have learned, and in such an enjoyable fashion. From the first video, for me, there was one ‘lightbulb moment’ after another. Dionne is an inspiring tutor and this is an inspiring course which I can’t recommend highly enough.


I’ve loved every moment of the Free Motion Embroidery on-line workshop. It was absorbing, challenging rewarding and really good fun. I could do it at times that suited me in the comfort of my own work space and felt well and truly supported by my peers in a dedicated Facebook Group. I’ve learned so much more than Free Motion Embroidery. Dionne is both inspiring and encouraging. I’ve looked forward to down-loading every tutorial and now I’m looking forward to practicing and experimenting with my newly developed skills. It’s opened so many new doors!


Having painted but not used a sewing machine for many many years I was concerned that I might not be able to keep up. I need not have worried. Dionne gave us expert tuition and all the help we needed to ‘Paint with Thread’ and I absolutely loved my two days on the workshop. I would definitely come back. From the technical help with the machine, threads and stitches to the process of creating from a photograph and sketches I learned so much in a surprisingly easy way. The venue at Janome was delightful, clean and professional. The other sewers were lovely and ranged in experience, which I found inspiring. For me, having travelled all the way from the ‘south’, I felt their ‘northern’ warm and good humour and it was definitely well worth the effort to get there. Northern part of Peak District right there so that was an added bonus for me.


What a fabulous two days learning to paint with thread! And learning so much more – about threads, needles and sewing machines. Dionne took away the “fear”of machine embroidery for me ; she is an inspirational teacher. Many thanks Dionne!


I was attracted to the screen printing course because I had always thought it was something I would have to do in a class/studio with tons of equipment. Dionne proved it’s possible to do it at your kitchen table! I loved this course as it showed 4 different methods of screen printing on fabric and gave me the confidence to try and use them in my own designs. The Facebook group was also helpful and added a whole other dimension of contact with people trying out the very same things! Thanks Dionne.


I’m going to try to articulate just how magical an experience Dionne’s Italian Summer school was. I feel unable to do justice. My experience of sewing is limited. I have fiddled and self taught sewing creatively for the last two years with an occasional day course, (also with Dionne which was amazing). Italy was incredible. The food; the location; the hotel; the hospitality; the smells; the warmth; the atmosphere; the mountains; the beach; the Trabocchi; the gelato; the scenery; the fantastic company, the beautiful alleyways and vistas beyond but above all else the amazing teaching. Dionne has opened my eyes to a fresh way of looking and sketching. She has shown me processes to expand my creative work and generated added spark and excitement to my work. Dionne does this in such a skilled and accessible way that you often don’t notice, such is her mastery of empowering you creatively. I was reduced to joyous tears twice on this course due to being overwhelmed with such incredible company and new discoveries. Utterly, utterly wonderful. I have started a new love affair with Italy and cannot wait to return. Thank you Dionne.x


I have never been involved in a workshop of this nature before but what a wonderful, inspiring experience it proved to be, I’m so pleased I took the plunge. It exceeded my expectation in every way. A comfortable, super clean Hotel with a charming owner who pulled out all the stops to make us feel at home. Atessa, great! Locals, super friendly .The scenery, stunning! And the cherry on the cake, a gifted artist/teacher who opened up so much for me in just one week. I returned home absolutely buzzing with fresh inspiration and direction, heck I’m even going to buy a new machine!!!!

Thank you Dionne for all your hard work and for sharing your passion in such away that even a bit of a novice like me came away enriched.


Dionne’s first Summer School has been a great success and an amazing experience visiting stunning locations with lovely companions and following a creative programme which inspired, motivated and challenged in equal measures . Dionne is a brilliant teacher and skilled communicator and this week has enabled me to develop an exciting repertoire for future work . I just can’t wait to return to continue this creative journey. Many thanks to Dionne , Mark and the friends I made at La Vecchia Scuola .


This was a wonderful class for both a beginner and a professional. I wanted to get back into a daily drawing practice and these were just the exercises to gently and creatively guide me back. Dionne is a very thoughtful teacher and very organized. All in all, a really rich experience! I’ll be back for another class.


Had a really fabulous day. Dionne is a really good teacher. She tells you what you need to do then demonstrates it. She is on hand to help but you have freedom to interpret the task in hand in your own way, ensuring that everyone produces a very different version of the same thing. You don’t need to be able to ‘sew’, just be ready to create. This day is a good beginning to the art of appliqué and free embroidery, the two complementing each other beautifully. Get ready to start an addiction.


Yet another great workshop with Dionne and some very talented ladies………your patience is remarkable Dionne, you treat us each as individuals and get the best out of each one – your demos are clear and precise but still leaving room for individuality.

This was a completely different aspect to FME on dissolvables to which I have done previously and now I have the knack I will certainly be incorporating it in my work – after I have made the time to experiment further.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to give this workshop a go…………..

thanks to all who participated – it was a lovely group.


A very well paced creative day. Dionne is an excellent teacher, her demonstrations are always well thought through, clearly explained and excellent teaching aids to developing your own skills and ideas. She provides a stimulating level of challenge and yet all learning is well supported. She successfully inspired our whole class and we all left with new learning and an appetite to develop our creativity. I’m just busy making my Applique and embroidery textile picture into a cushion for my son in Barcelona!


I had an amazing day learning machine embroidery and appliqué from Dionne. I would highly recommend her workshops & I can’t wait to do another workshop with her, what I learned I can now use in my own textile artwork!!


Had a lovely day on the appliqué and FME course. Dionne is an excellent teacher. Even though I’d had a go at this myself before, I learnt so much more doing the course. Absolutely everything you need for the class is provided for you, so you don’t have any worry there. Janome provide an excellent environment, a light lunch and drinks as you require. Can’t wait to book more courses. Highly recommend.


Another fantastic workshop with Dionne. Her teaching style is superb: encouraging and stretching at the same time. The format works beautifully allowing plenty of time for experimentation, reflection and, surprisingly, really good interaction and collaboration in the virtual classroom. This, together with the specific feedback she gives means that the learning experience is extremely positive. This is the third online workshop I have taken with Dionne and I am looking forward to the next!


I really enjoyed the course and learned so much from it. It pushed me try out out lots of different things. I discovered lots about what I liked and was surprisingly pleased with the results of allowing myself to play and be free. I feel much more confident about using sketchbooks now and hope that this will move my textile practice forward in new directions. (I can give up the scraps of paper and fabric that I lose). Very many thanks, Dionne.


I’d never done an online workshop before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but a friend had recommended it and I needed a bit of a kick up the proverbial to get my creative mojo working again. In fact I found the online aspect really helpful – you can work at your own pace to fit in with other commitments and surrounded by your own materials, sources and inspiration. The Facebook group gives you interaction if you want it, and also provides helpful individual feedback from Dionne plus the motivation to try and keep pace with coursemates so you can share work at the relevant time. Having a bit of breathing space between tasks also helps as you can mull things over as you go about your day, and see inspiration everywhere which you can bring back into the sketchbook. I found Dionne’s approach really helpful, with the videos clear and to the point with helpful examples. The course was as inspirational as I had hoped it would be – encouraging you at all times to play, explore and follow your instincts, but within a really nicely structured framework which helped you to gradually develop your ideas. I’ll be using the techniques for years to come, I’m sure.

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