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A positive impact

Updated: May 1, 2018

Sometimes we all get tired and weary, bogged down my work and not always seeing the true benefits of our efforts.  It can be hard and you constantly have to dig deep to keep going.  At the moment there's a flurry of high profile shows, exhibitions and workshops to juggle [not to mention family] and I can tell you I need a second [or third] coffee to give me the 'oomph' to get through it all.

Today I'll just need one coffee because I received this wonderfully inspiring note from one of my online students:

"I have been inspired by you: your online workshops helped me overcome being locked in my house with depression. In one year I've built a workshop, printed with two old screens and sold my first thousand pounds worth of work. I can't thank you enough. Everyone who's finding it tough should try your online workshops"

I am revitalised and thankful that I can have such a positive impact.

The next Online Silk Screen Printing workshop starts on the 16th July 2018 BOOK HERE and check out my full range of workshops HERE

I first published this blog post in May 2016 but its still very relevant so I've updated it and migrated it to my new website.

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