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Going Feet Gets

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I've restocked my Stitched Brooches - take a look HERE Hello! So some days are better than others, right? We've got to hold on tighter to the good ones at the moment. I had an amazing 24 hours at the start of this week.... Before Christmas I had signed up as a volunteer to help out at the location Covid Vaccination centre - "Let's make this a quick and efficient as possible" I thought. Well, the rest of Holmfirth must have had the same idea & the list of volunteers was vast, my chance to help out was dashed. Yet, after several months, I finally got a call - this was my chance to don a Hi Vis jacket and direct some traffic. Some true purpose to life YAY!!! On Monday morning the sun shone as I marched along the river into the village - by chance, I met a friend along the way so I had the bonus of a chat while we walked. I was ridiculously excited to be doing something different. Turns out I'm genius at saying 'park in the bays at the end' & smiling with my eyes - my glee could not be contained...and did I mention the sun was out? I had to take my padded coat off at one stage! Allan my co-volunteer was the cheeriest chappie I've met in a long long time, he even dished out the Cadbury's Cream Eggs! Amazing! So how could this scenario get any better? Dad always said "going feet gets" - you get out there and do good stuff and good stuff will come right back at ya. I had no idea that being a volunteer qualified my for a vaccination: I was given a little letter with a link to make an appointment and I cried, I was totally overcome. What a beautiful, beautiful gift. I had my vaccination the following day, I'm giddy with delight and relief. [minimal side effects :-)] "Going feet gets"

Stitched Brooches I have 're-stocked' my online shop with these little beauties. HERE Small wearable stitched Artworks...each one based on a larger composition yet unique in their own right. They arrive boxed and wrapped in brightly coloured tissue and if it's a present I will send directly to the recipient with a hand written gift card :-) [one of my own hand made ones!] An ideal Mother's Day Gift!!!

Golden Field Sew Along Discover the thoughts and direction behind this piece and create your own hand stitched version, during a relaxed and informal Sew Along Wednesday 21st April 10am Friday 23rd April 3pm This time I have a range of 'kit options' Go 'digital' if you are outside the UK

A Life Long Gift "I bought the print and repeat book I absolutely love it. Is a great technique, inspirational and reference book. I was looking for a refresher on the mono-print and I got so much more thank you Dionne you got me creating again." Rossana Is it time to find some inspiration and that 'get up and go'? Maybe PRINT & REPEAT could be the nudge you need? or send it as a gift and I'll add a personal message and wrap in tissue I'm nearly out of Devore DVDs, they come free with the book atm! - 'until stocks last!'

Hi Vis has never been the look I've been going for - I look shocking but I'm smiling and so so happy to be of use. I hope I've been able to bring a little cheer to you today :-) If you get a chance to check out my website, you'll see its had a bit a of a face-lift. As well as a projects page, I've added a 'chat' section at the bottom in case you are stuck or baffled by anything - I'll try and help as soon as I can. Happy Weekend Everyone x Dionne x

Accessible Silk Screen PrintingStart NOW, unlimited access Start your Printing Adventure HERE

Lose your fear of sketchbooks with practical and fun exercises Start your Sketchbook Adventure HERE

"I loved Dionne’s ‘Developing Sketchbooks ‘. It’s great fun. I can’t believe how much I have learned, and in such an enjoyable fashion. From the first video, for me, there was one ‘lightbulb moment’ after another. Dionne is an inspiring tutor and this is an inspiring course which I can’t recommend highly enough.

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Jenny Jarvis
Jenny Jarvis
Mar 28, 2021

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and uplifting blog posts Dionne. I'm really enjoying your online workshops and they've kept me busy and occupied during the last year.

Dionne Swift
Dionne Swift
Mar 28, 2021
Replying to

My pleasure! Keeps me going too 😉

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