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Watch the pennies...

Over the last few days I have really enjoyed putting these little purses together. I came across some clasp purse fittings that were left over from a previous project. I developed a pattern, re-drafted it a couple of times and I sought out a few samples that I'd been hanging on to [probably waiting for this very moment!]. I dug out some sympathetic lining fabrics from my stash and set about cutting and sewing. Gradually a little collection of purses took shape.

It's incredibly satisfying to find direction for these fabric gems, to put them to use and give them purpose. It gives me a little more space in my fabric drawers whilst simultaneously offering you some super gift ideas :-) They would be great as purses to hold money and cards, but I often use fabric purses as travelling jewellery cases and/or for mini sewing kits whilst I'm on the move.

I'll be posting out UK orders on 16th December [free 2nd class postage is included] but if you're in Europe I'll post out straight away, from Italy :-)

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