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50@50 Travel Inspiration

This is the 3rd in a mini series, expanding my thoughts on my MOMENTUM 50@50 collection of stitched Artworks

It's hard to describe how invaluable travel is to the inspiration of my work. It could be traveling on foot around a local reservoir/over a hill or taking a plane and exploring a new city, climate and culture. The limitations of the recent pandemic have certainly hampered my adventures and I now crave to see new spaces, places and colours.

The images above are taken directly from my sketchbook; drawings worked up in oils, caran d'ache, wax crayon and graphite - can we call that mixed media? Basically what I had to hand in my feverish need to illustrate my intentions.

Until a trip to Marrakesh, my work had a strong focus on line and texture, lights, darks and directions - bold compositions and impactful moods.....but Marrakesh brought colour. It brought a new energy and enthusiasm for diverse vistas...cityscapes, buildings, atmospheric lighting, vibrate & playful architecture, bright bold tiles, bright bold people and that wonderful sunshine making everything glow and emit warmth.

The three pieces featured here might have previously figured in my sketchbook in monochrome & their movement, perspective and composition would have been the prevalent force, yet now the colour combinations become the dominant feature and the work takes on a new glow. The visual conversation expands to include a more illustrative narrative and very definite sense of place.

With the discovery of colour, there was also the desire to sparkle...and more coloured metallic threads began to creep into the mix. Below you can see a sparkling metallic bottle green next to turquoise and shocking pink. Even in subtly coloured textural areas, I mix the opposing hues of mustard and lilac.

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