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Copy Cats

Updated: May 1, 2018

I first wrote this in February 2013 - its still relevant so I'm migrating it over to my new blog...

It really saddens me when my work gets copied, as a tutor I strive to develop independent thought and expression in my students. Plagiarism could be considered as flattery and in a sense it is, but it never feels that way.  It makes you angry and frustrated.

This time is not my creative work that have been 'pinched', it's my workshops.

I have developed my teaching over the last 24 years and specifically my online workshops over the last 18 months: researching systems, surveying students, testing technology and constantly tweaking and improving my offering.  The development of workshops is a creative process, just like my Artwork: the two practices are intertwined. So to then see that someone has 'lifted' my text, my format, and workshop structure it's ... well ... it's all just too close for comfort and it's disappointing.

I appreciate that I don't hold copyright on techniques or on running workshops but I have developed specific methodologies for which I do hold the Intellectual Property and quite frankly I don't want this to be abused!

I can take comfort in the fact that I am unique [as we all are].  I'm comfortable on camera and my individual feedback cannot be copied - students validate this..

Videos, in particular, are excellent - Dionne appears relaxed and the filming & sound are professionally done (have seen others which are rather cringeworthy!) I didn't find I really needed the text, maybe would have been more useful as a checklist. The exercises were all well balanced and interestingExcellent, very inspiring, good value for money, have recommended it to several friends
Very well organised and inspiring with excellent support when you need it.Fantastic experience. I learned so much. Quality and pace were just right. The workshop has really released a myriad of creative ideas and thoughts and equipped me to continue to experiment and develop new ideas for a very long time

Rant over - I needed to get it out my system! Now I can move on and direct my time and energies towards more enjoyable and satisfying endeavours: not dragged down but internally confident that I deliver excellent workshops and create wonderful Artwork.

Most importantly, I think for myself - we all should.

Today I'm investigating ACIDAnti Copying In Design and seeking some specialist advice on protecting my Intellectual Property.

Please share this post, so that everybody can start to think carefully about Intellectual Property and it preservation. Thank you.

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