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Creative Craft Show LIVE

Creative Craft Show watch LIVE on me silk screen printing on Saturday 4th July [not sure what time yet] I shall be Manutex Monoprinitng and creating a simple yet effective paper cut stencil print on fabric. There's a host of other creatives demonstrating their skills across the weekend so please tune in and see what it's all about.

I love the painterly quality of Manutex Monoprinting - it's painterly-ness is almost at odds with all other silk screen printing techniques: it needs minimal equipment [a screen, squeegee, a few dyes and your away!] Here I've taken my inspiration from a drawing created a few years ago in New Zealand - a Gannet colony. The very same image has lead to other stitched pieces too. You can learn all about this and other print techniques in my online print workshop

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