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Girls on tour! Abruzzo Print Retreat

I don't quite know where to start - what a week we had! I was going to let the pictures do the talking but that doesn't do them justice.

Catherine and Jackie came to my Stitch Summer School last year and immediately started planning their return: 4 friends learning and exploring new techniques, guided by yours truly - discovering new areas of Italy: indulging in the wine, culture, food and fascinations of this hidden gem that is Abruzzo. Join next years list HERE or get in touch to book your private experience.

Lanciano is an elegant city - we drew, climbed towers, delved into the catacombs and avoided the rain with panache! [you'll have seen the recent weather catastrophes in Italy : some may say we were lucky to have avoided the inclement conditions....I say it's ALL in the planning!!! I plan hard!]

San Vito never disappoints and is a constant source of inspiration - not to mention food and fabulous gelato!

There were lunches galore: carefully commissioned and prepared cuisine by Hilary Binder, restaurants with a bella vista and an exquisite evening dining workshop with Chef Max. Note his fab appliquéd apron!

Ah but let's not get distracted from the main event! Exploring print!!!! Focusing on two key techniques we were able to push through the comfort zone and expand those boundaries, producing bigger and bolder work than ever before. Inspired by shadows, Julia created a spectacular repeat print in two colours [soon to be a fancy apron or skirt I believe] whilst the others pushed the possibilities of drawing and painting with mono - printing ; again the increase in scale/confidence being a major breakthrough.

Big smiles all round: I'd say they were all 'Happy Bunnies'...that could also have something to do with the great yoga session and super relaxing massages from Sopratutto Katie

Now they say 'What happens on tour, stays on tour'...but this after hours shenanigans has Jackie and Catherine wearing all of their fabulous Vasto Market 'linen haul' : all at the same time!!! It's a gem of a photo - I had to share it :-)

You can follow these girls via their instagram accounts & you'll catch some more snippets of their time in beautiful Abruzzo.

Join next years list HERE or get in touch to book your private experience. What would be your ideal Italian creative retreat? Feel free to leave a comment below :-)

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