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In case you missed it...Exciting News :-)

I have some super exciting news to share with you all - I've been dreaming about it for the last 18 months but now its really happening!

Investing in yourself, giving yourself the time and permission to grow can be tricky but that's my intention this year & I would encourage you to do the same :-). Read on....

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence


You might remember that back in 2022, I attended a short course at Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence. It lit a spark....not only did I love learning new skills but I revelled in the atmosphere of the place...the life, the energy and the incredible creativity simply ousing from the walls. [and lets not forget.... its in FLORENCE!]

It is such an exciting environment.


I am ecstatic to announce that I have been accepted onto a three month residency at Alchimia starting in September - OXYGEN


I'll happily admit that I was incredibly nervous sending in my application and committing myself to a prolonged stretch of study during what is usually considered to be 'show season' : it is financially risky, but I know its going to be worth it.


My application centred around drawing and translating my drawings into wearable pieces - considering what could or couldn't be worn - I'm looking to stretch the boundaries and not coming from a jewellery background, I am oblivious to any rules - I don't even know when I'm breaking them: ignorance is bliss!!!


Last week I took a few days out to work with UK Artists along a similar theme. I spent a day with Jacky Oliver at Cockpit Studios in Bloomsbury, London and attended a Drawing with Wire workshop with Helaina Sharpley in West Yorkshire.

Now I'm ready for full immersion!

The adrenaline and excitement of simply taking the first steps to invest in extending my creativity, in themselves were immeasurable. Then the relief of being accepted was such a rush! I can highly recommend it!!


Are you ready to invest in your own creative journey and take the next steps to fulfilling your artistic desires?

Immerse yourself in Italian life and develop your embroidery repertoire with me in Abruzzo. Let me show you how I work, starting with finding and creating compositions, exploring your own unique drawing style [I have loads of techniques to help you with this - I know it can be a sticking point for some] then I will show you how to add even more life to your work by moving into thread and stitch.

Wrap all this loveliness up in the warmth of the Italian sun, enchanting villages, beautiful vistas, uplifting coastlines, delicious food, gelato and of course the local vino.....Its a recipe for success!With my own schedule filling up, I shall only be running one summer school this year, so don't miss out: join me for a fantastic adventure :-)


Please feel free to get in touch with any queries or questions you may have regarding the summer school - you can call me on 07974 747080 I know it can be a big step to take, but you're worth it and I'm here to help :-)

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