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Have you seen..., well my work, on the front page of Made By Hand Online?? A lovely great big image of one of my new brooches along side one of the drawings that helped me develop the piece. The fresh spring colours work well with their branding don't they?!

I created this little drawing whilst I was out and about creating/preparing for my latest online classes - weekly drawing classes: during 'landscape' week we looked at ways to create a more dynamic compositions with simple structure and clarity of vision.

"Hi Dionne, I am a complete novice to drawing and loving the current classes. I really like your teaching style, simple very engaging with good guidance on techniques."

"I am so enjoying the Drawing course . I am really not at all confident with my drawing skills and avoid it at all costs! So this is challenging and just what I need."

"I have been enjoying the classes and really pleasantly surprised at how well the Zoom classes work - thanks to all your prep work. "

"I’m amazed at how effectively you have been able to use Zoom to teach a practical and hands on subject. I think the discipline and being part of a group has also helped me prioritise drawing."

"I want to let you know that I am really enjoying the drawing class. I’ve never drawn before and am loving my time doing the home work. I appreciate your style and your way of engaging with the participants, and I am impressed by your straightforward explanations which makes everything sound so easy! Thank you!"

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