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It's cathartic...

I'm having a studio clear up, its long overdue! I have a long period of preparation and sewing ahead of me as I get ready for MOMENTUM [new solo show] at Timeless Textiles in Newcastle, Australia. I ceased creating lampshades earlier in the year but I still have some supplies hanging about and I am happy to sell them at a bargain price to make more space in my studio. 5 x 15cm Drum lampshade supplies = £25

21 x 20cm Drum lampshade supplies = £ 100

21 x 20cm Drum lampshade supplies = £ 100

11 x 30cm Drum lampshade supplies = £ 88

1 x 70cm Drum lampshade + diffuser = £ 45

36 x 30cm diffusers = £72

6 x 40cm diffusers = £30

5/6 various sizes of shade carriers = £10

[please note I'm not splitting these quantities into smaller bundles..I don't want to be sending out individual shade kits]

OR take the whole kit and caboodle for £500's a massive saving. Ideally you can collect your new lampshade making stash, but if not I will parcel up and post at the most economical rate for you [usually between £10 - £20 depending on the scale of your purchase] Please get in touch via my contact form HERE First come first served [although 'whole kit and caboodle' purchases will head straight to ht front of the queue!!!]

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