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Peace Raffle

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

There are mixed emotions at being part of a Peace Raffle: I'm saddened that we need to do it. Why is this craziness happening anyway? But it is. :-(

[NOTE this raffle has now been drawn & winners notified by email.] For as little as 10 euros you can be in with the chance of winning a collection of amazing prizes donated by friends and connections in Abruzzo, Italy. A huge thanks to Sam at Life in Abruzzo for organising this supportive initiative. NB I am happy to post world wide.

I have donated the original watercolour of the classic Italian village of Colledimezzo...[colle/hill, mezzo/half] The village is half way up and clinging to the hillside providing stunning views over lake Bomba.

I created this piece en plein air whilst preparing for one of my online drawing classes, so many of my drawing students will know it well [NB drawing classes are on hold atm] It delights in the colourful houses of this unique village. Colledimezzo is just 10 minutes from Tornareccio where we are based in Italy: home to mosaics, miele/honey and mozzarella - I am running summer schools in Abruzzo again this year and welcome you to join me here

My great grandparents fled Lithuanian in the late1800's, they were running from the Russians as they invaded their lands. They left everything and used what money they had to purchase passage to America - they were sold short and docked in Glasgow were they were given new names [the boarder guards couldn't pronounce Samilionis and Petchivich], and they started to rebuild their lives....sound familiar?

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