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Pencil to Stitch

Updated: Feb 5

I have been flattered by a plethora of new followers this week....some from recent shows but mainly I think due to the release of this beautiful article by Jane Axell for

Click below to read the full article :-) Enjoy!

Swift by name, swift by nature. If you watch textile artist Dionne Swift practising her free motion machine stitching, the first thing you notice is her speed. Dionne is a master of machine stitch and what's more, she does it with gusto. Dionne is well known for her colourful, richly stitched embroideries that impart vitality and energy – artworks based on scenes in nature and her beloved village of Tornareccio in Abruzzo, central Italy where she often goes to teach.

We often talk about painting with thread, but drawing with thread most accurately describes the intention behind Dionne's machine stitching. Dionne's focus is on the importance of drawing as preparation for stitching. It's her way of closely observing what she wants to stitch and it gives her direction. In her own words, "the stitch can't happen without the drawing"....READ MORE...

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