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Puppets and Prints

I'm really excited to be involved in this years Holmfirth Arts Festival. It's usually in June when I'm teaching in Italy, but with all that's happening this year, the event has gone online and I am offering live Zoom drawing and silk screen printing class as a way of decorating the puppets [and their garments] for the festival. It's an ideal workshop to get involved in with children - make it a family event!!

It is a FREE event and you can borrow/collect the items you'll need for the workshop from Holmfirth Tech [Silk Screen & Squeegee plus some printing ink] - I reckon you'll be able to muster everything else from home. I believe you'll be sent a list of requirements on booking [The Arts Festival are handing the bookings]

There are a collection of other Holmfirth based textile creatives involved too...hand in hand with The local Children's Art School and Woven

If you have already given silk screen printing a go, then this workshop is likely to be too simple for you & you could have a look at my Accessible Silk Screen Printing Online workshop

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